Pure Life Breeders Club

The Pure Life Breeders Club is designed exclusively for responsible dog & cat breeders. Become a member today and enjoy these great benefits!

Our Natural Boost range of dog and cat food is the first to market with a mix of high protein kibble and freeze dried 100% real meat, uniquely crafted with the essential all-round nutrition that contributes to every aspect of pet health in a complete meal.

What you will access:

  • Amazing savings on the full Pure Life pet food range with our Breeders Club exclusive pricing.
  • Significant discounts on Parasite Control, Health & Supplements, Treats, Accessories and more.
  • Exclusive Breeder promotions.
  • Exclusive discounts for future puppy or kitty parents.
  • Easy online ordering .
  • Fast and free delivery to your door.
Membership Requirements
  • Abide by kennel and breeding standards as defined by your governing body, and in accordance with any state, federal, council or country laws, especially in relation to animal welfare.
  • Have a minimum of three dogs or cats, one of which must be a breeding bitch or queen.
  • Have a registered breeding prefix.
  • Hold current or financial membership with a recognised breeder body.


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